Tan Hill 2015
Brian Senior on Keld Bank

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Raid Tan Hill 2015.

Many thanks to Micha Meyers from the Ducklands Light Snails for his report on Raid Tan Hill 2015 as printed in the 2CVGB Magazine. It was great to have you and your son along Micha!

  • 2015 marks the 25th anniversary of "Raid Tan Hill". And it was that, plus the lure
  • of the majestic Yorkshire Dales and the threat of snow that convinced
  • Mecha Meyers and his son to make the long drive north..
  • But 400 kms separate the territories of the Ducklands Light Snails in East London and Les Hiboux of Leeds, so if we were to make the early morning start (and breakfast!) - we'd better make a proper weekend of it.
  • Soon after we set off, up the Ml in the pouring rain, I noticed that the battery was not charging properly. With main beam, wipers and fog light all working overtime it wouldn't be long until we'd be in a pickle. Daddy to the rescue: we pulled into Toddington services, sat down with a large Americano each and called the AA. What do we pay our membership fees for, year in year out, if not to have the choice once in a while not to get soaking wet and be served like a king? Exactly. And those AA guys love being able to actually fix something, rather than having to admit defeat and arrange yet another tow away, because some motherboard or other needs to be replaced. So it proved! Our man turned up after exactly the time it takes to drink a large coffee and read the paper. Grinning from ear to ear he committed an ingenious bodge with the contacts at the back of the alternator which got us back on the road and which, by the way, 800 kms later is still going strong.
  • We met Les Hiboux in the Grove Inn pub in the centre of Leeds, where we sang 'Oh Nay Never!' accompanied by a squeeze box and a mandolin. The next morning we overslept (how did that happen?) and the hasty exit from the icy hotel car park resulted in a bent bumper and a cracked rear light cluster. Never mind, we wouldn't let that come between a father, his son and their breakfast at the Lawnswood Arms just to the north of Leeds. Steve Pepper, he of the mandolin kindly produced a roll of duct tape from the back of his gorgeous orange Acadiane. Enough bits of plastic remained and a second bodge was quickly completed.
  • What is it about driving A series cars in a convoy? One other deuche already makes the journey a special event, let alone fifty of us (how many were there, actually?), on a frosty sunlit morning, parading our colourful crocodile through the most stunning scenery. It was exhilarating. The smiles were not just ours: in every village we passed through we were greeted by people pointing, grinning and waving. Les Hiboux certainly know how to organise things. Steve Pepper shepherded his flock skilfully along the maze of country lanes and there even was mulled wine and stollen from the back of Clouseau Winebar's pretty cream and green van, in the car park of Hawes.
  • Ice still sparkled on our bonnet when we set out for the final leg, including the fearsome Keld Bank. Next time I must pick a better line through that first hairpin!
  • The scenes at Tan Hill Inn explained why the whole enterprise is known as a raid. I felt sorry for the women who served us our lunches and who did so with good grace, most of the time. It was a day of firsts; I never win anything, ever, but this time came away from the raffle with a dinky toy deuche and a paper fourgonnette in kit form with ‘Tan Hill Inn’ on its sides. Both now have pride of place over our door as souvenirs of a wonderful day. Well done Les Hiboux!
  • OK, it didn't snow in the end, but that was actually a blessing. The views were amazing, and after lunch we managed to make a swift exit across the Moors, heading for the Al in daylight. We set off as a convoy of three, with Andy (Have I got your name right?) and Suzie in their Ami 8 from Southampton and Emilio (sorry Emilio's partner, don't remember your name!) in his Mehari from Letchworth. We lost you at the first fork, Emilio, pity. I did spot you at a petrol station on the Al in the dark. Maybe you noticed our twin pot burble. My goodness, you're a trooper, taking in Tan Hill along the way on your journey back from Wanlockhead!
  • Micha Meyers









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