Tan Hill 2018
Brian Senior on Keld Bank

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Raid Tan Hill 2018 - by Jonathan Hardie

Many thanks to Jonathan Hardie from South Cambridgeshire for his report on Raid Tan Hill 2018 as printed in the 2CVGB Magazine. It was great to have you and your son Michael along Jonathan!

Here follows a brief account of my first Raid Tan Hill. My son Michael and I set off from South Cambridgeshire at 6am, having given the car a once over the day before; lights and tyre pressures checked, kingpins greased and oil and screen wash topped up. We headed up the M11/A1, only stopping for fuel. The roads being quiet, apart from lorries. The only event worthy of mention during this section happened as I was coming off the Al at junction 44: We encountered some black ice as I was braking at the end of the slip lane. I kept control of the car, but was helped by the fact I was going in a straight line at the moment it happened.

We arrived at the Lawnswood Arms about 9am. As we entered the car park we were given our welcome packs, I parked up and then we went inside for a welcome tea, chat and bacon butty. The weather was exceptionally clear and not too cold when the convoy set off about 10am. It comprised principally of 2CVs, some Dyanes, a van, a Mehari and a BX as far as I recall. We turned left out of the car park and started the 60 mile drive north, many surprised pedestrians looking on as a colourful snake of A series Citroens passed them by. After a while we were in open countryside, passing many cyclists. The roads began a gentle climb, and after some miles we entered the national park. A Porsche club outing passed us going south, a good number of smiles and waves were exchanged, and I suppose; despite the obvious differences, we all have a love of older vehicles. Eventually we left the cyclists and Porsches behind and really began to gain altitude; the frost was now more visible.

The raid stopped en route at a scenic riverside location. {Langstrothdale ed} After legs had been stretched and photos taken, we headed north once more, stopping again at Hawes to have some stollen and mulled wine. Then we followed a river along for a while before climbing steadily towards Tan Hill. Some 1st gear exploits were required to get up the later steeper sections, the most treacherous stretch being the 'Long Causeway' just before reaching the Inn. This steep road didn't appear to have been gritted and I definitely had a few moments when grip was hard to come by. Crawling up in 1st gear, when the front wheels started to slip I carefully let off the throttle to try and recapture some grip. I gently weaved across the road, searching for traction, trying to keep the forward momentum as I really didn't fancy my chances at a successful hill start. After a final tight left hand bend we made up to the top. What a way to arrive at the highest pub in Britain! Despite this challenging stretch, I know that this year we had it easy, with crisp, clear conditions, and the minimum of snow and ice on the ground. I for one was thankful for the gentle introduction.

Then we piled into the warmth of the Inn, passing an impromptu free 2CV 'flea market' to make us feel at home. We ordered our food and a pint, and learnt that 'GYP' actually stands for Giant Yorkshire Pudding, (please excuse my southerner's ignorance!). After eating our lunch in the heated barn, we regrettably had to head off early, bowing out of the raffle and collecting our certificate on the way out, we took some more photos and then headed for home. My 2CV didn't miss a beat during the whole trip, measuring an average 43mpg over the 450miles travelled. I like to think that this stands testimony to a sound design assisted by good preparation (or just lucky? Nah..).

A brief digression for anyone interested: Mechanically my car is now the best it's ever been in the last 17 years of ownership. 8000 miles ago my 2CV had a top end rebuild, (the engine had done 100k miles) I fitted new 9:1 barrels, pistons, a slightly richer mix re-jetted carburettor for unleaded fuel and refurbished heads. Great I thought, then 300 miles later the gearbox main bearing broke up, so Rick Pembro rebuilt the gearbox for me. That was the essential mechanicals done. One thing I do regret is fitting a cheaper clutch. How I wish I spent the extra and gone for the OEM one. It works fine, but does often judder when pulling away; I have since learnt that this is a known issue with some of the cheaper clutches. The front brake callipers were refurbished as one of the brake lines had been weeping after the rebuild, and also had to be sorted. A CPD valve also helped improve both performance and economy as the original valve below the oil filler had stopped working long ago. Electrics wise I now have a modern starter motor, Burton regulator, 123 ignition and a resin coil fitted. The combination of the new starter, regulator, 123 and the resin coil has been exceptionally reliable, always starts and no more overheated coils. I don't have to gap the plugs as often either.

All in all, a most excellent 2CV raid, many thanks to Les Hiboux for organising the whole event, 2CV City for sponsoring and to Tan Hill Inn for accommodating us all.

Jonathan Hardie                                           See Jonathan’s images below!












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Raid Tan Hill 2018 - by Tony Lucas

Many thanks to Tony Lucas from Les Hiboux for his report on Raid Tan Hill 2018. It was great to have you, Simon & Kath along Tony!

Tan Hill Inn

The Highest pub in Britain at 1,732 ft above sea level

Occupying a lonely site, high in the Yorkshire Dales. It has a long rich and varied history going back as far as 1586 when it was a hostelry supporting the nearby coal mines & pits. It was with this backdrop I joined once again the Citroen 2cvs on their annual Raid Tan Hill on 7th January.

Tony's Picture#1Tony's Picture#2









After meeting at the Lawnswood Arms on the Otley road, we enjoyed a cuppa and bacon/sausage sandwich to see us on our way. Around 45 Citroen 2cvs took part in bitterly cold weather, but wonderful clear blue skies. Through Otley into Ilkley -Addingham – Bolton Abbey – Burnsall and Grassington. We were now on the Wharfedale Valley and the Yorkshire Dales National Park, after passing Kilnsey Crag –Kettlewell – Starbotton we turned left in Buckden to Hubberholme and down the beautiful valley into Gayle/Hawes. Passing the famous Wensleydale Creamery. Into the car park where once again Colin and Barbara Pearce were giving everyone a glass of mulled wine and stollen cake from the back of their Dolly. After a 30 minute break we once again set off on the most demanding part of the raid through Buttertubs pass where we encounted very icy conditions and steep climbs.

Some of the 602 engines were struggling a bit having to drop to first gear, but eventually all managed it due to front wheel drive. (Traction Avant)

We then headed for the very remote villages of Thwaite and Keld before another very trying climb up to Tan Hill Inn, where a very welcome drink and Sunday meal was enjoyed. The  Inn  was heaving with not only these crazy people in their upside down prams or tin snails as many call them, but lots of walkers and families enjoying a cold snowy day, but clear blue skies with the most wonderful views for some forty miles. The certificate this year for the vehicle to travel the furthest was awarded to a guy from Northern Ireland.

 After the raffle – talk and a few good wishes we headed home, via Arkengarthdale to Reeth – Richmond – Catterick and onto the A1 just before nightfall which was welcome, as without street lights on the moors it is a lonely place to be without mobile signal and only the sheep crossing your path.

 Many thanks to all who organised on this great day out.

Tony Lucas

Raid Tan Hill 2018 - by Ian Jelf

Many thanks to Ian Jelf  from the Midlands for his pictures of Raid Tan Hill 2018 as printed in the 2CVGB Magazine. It was great to have you and your wife along Ian!








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Raid Tan Hill 2018 - Alan Murphy’s Report

Once again 40+ Tin Snails made their stately progress from Leeds through the picturesque dales on a cold but bright day to Tan Hill Inn, the highest pub in the U.K. and famous venue of adverts from 1970s Everest windows to 2017 Waitrose Xmas.

The cavalcade began at the Lawnswood Arms (picture 1) in Leeds where breakfast and coffee were served. It then wended its way through Otley, Ilkley and Burnsall before stopping as usual at Hubberholme (picture 2) for photos (and comforts for some!), and then again at Hawes for mulled (non alcoholic!) wine and stollen cake (picture 3) before negotiating the final section through the infamous and challenging hairpin bends at Keld Bank and the steep climbs up to Tan Hill. (Picture 4). Whilst the hairpins went without incident one hill section with ice and snow proved a stumbling block for a few in the party who needed a push to get going again. However this adversity was not restricted to the snails but also caught out modern cars who perhaps felt rather over confident!!

One of the attractions of Classic cars is the feeling of actually driving a car rather than sitting behind a wheel (pointing it in the right direction) and the Tan Hill drive certainly gives ample experience of this.

A hearty meal at the Inn, and a raffle of various 'interesting' and donated prizes followed. Certificates were issued to all participants and prizes for the furthest travelled (from Northern Ireland!) and oldest vehicle (an AKZ Van). Many then made their way home again while a few stayed overnight for a music and singing session washed down with some fine real ale.

The following morning presented us with a fine frosty and sunny landscape for our return journey after a hearty breakfast. Thanks go to Brian Senior for inventing this escapade with the first Raid in 1990, to Tan Hill for their hospitality, 2CV City for their sponsorship and 2CV GB for their official support. Bring on 2019!














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