TanHill 1998

-occurred  on Sunday, 4th January

      - a report from Tim Ford.

The Oldest car was a 1961 2CV (DAC 876 J) driven by Adrian Stannard (the car was imported in 1971... hence the registration number!) and the furthest travelled was Bill Mitchell who had come up from Gillingham in Kent, covering a distance of 350 miles. (And he set off back towards Leeds, for his overnight stop, by going back along the route we'd travelled to get to Tan Hill....  most of us went over to the A1 or M6 and went back the easy way!)

The Pre-RAID Ceilidh and Folk evening with the "Holbeck Moor Mummers" in Leeds on the Saturday night at the Adelphi was enjoyed by all who attended. Music was from record, for the dancing, and live from members of The Grove Folk Club who entertained with song and instrumentals galore. To those people who made it to the T.R.O.Y. barbecue as well - we missed it 'cos we were putting out the way-markers for the Raid itself... more's the pity, - it sounded as though they had a lot of fun in the Scout Hut that was borrowed for the occasion.  (Next year someone else can do the signs and Pauline, myself and Stuart can enjoy BOTH events!)

Most of the 70+ cars arrived and registered by 9.45am with very few stragglers. Therefore, the first group left the DYNELEY ARMS (A660/A658 junction on the Leeds-Otley road) at just before 10.00 am, closely followed by group two about 15 minutes later.  Stuart and Andrew stayed behind with Mark (in La Poste) to escort stragglers but then left just before 10.30 with no further arrivals and had caught us up before  we reached Buckden. The road to Hubberholme (and then Hawes) that was flooded  (and drowned Magrat) the day before, WAS now open so the 'preferred' route (straight over the top!) was able to be used - although we had to pass through  the clouds to get there!

We reached Hawes at 12:10, only just - as the Saturday jaunt into the flood had caused damage to Magrat's alternator and the battery wasn't charging. There we enjoyed our (mulled) gluhwein and a chat with all the people who had aimed directly for Hawes rather than go down to Leeds and back up. After a hand-crank start we made it over the tops again (this time via Thwaite to Keld) and then had to negotiate the 1:4 hairpins immediately after the turning to Tan Hill. With the dodgy  battery we'd made sure that Magrat was only a few cars from the front (just  in case we needed some help from someone.... we didn't!) So, at 1:25 we arrived at Tan Hill.

All done with volunteer organisation and financial, technical and physical support from AIREDALE  2CV of Skipton, Yorkshire's premier 2CV specialists... (now closed as Alex Hosford has retired.)

This year 2CVGB received a letter from Bill Mitchell about his experience on Raid Tan Hill 1999 and we are delighted to reproduce it below.

Congratulations to him too for winning the furthest distance certificate - from Medway, Kent.

Dear Bev,

This is my first letter to the mag, but I thought I'd let you know what a cracking weekend I've just had, courtesy of Les Hiboux. After a couple of trips to rallies last year, I had a good idea of what to expect. But after meeting a suitably diverse selection of 2CVers in a local curry house, followed by a folky sort of evening, I knew I was in for a treat. Next morning it was off to the rendezvous and, despite the damp weather, the pub car park was soon filling up. Then, the reason we were all there, the Tan Hill Raid began. Very similar to the Brighton Run at the start, but soon the Yorkshire scenery began to go up and down, have rocks and sheep, snow and clouds in it. For miles, through hills, valleys and villages, all you could see was an unbroken line of Citroen's finest. Excellent! From Hawes to Tan Hill and the final leg. The only moan - where was all the snow? More next time, please! Once at Tan Hill it was photos, food and, a complete surprise, I won the furthest distance certificate and other goodies. So, all in all, a Big Thank You to Les Hiboux, especially Tim & Pauline and Brian & Stuart.

Cheers, keep on Twinning, Bill Mitchell.